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PT AFIFARMA was established in 1985 in Kediri, East Java , Indonesia and continually through innovation and dedication progresses to the “Better Health, Better Future” company culture within Indonesia and strive to succeed in developing into a healthier society.

PT AFIFARMA is a diversified pharmaceutical company dedicated upon the improvement of health on human lives through bringing innovative medicine, consumer products and herbal medicines to the world.PT AFIFARMA obtains the current Good Manufacturing Practice  (GMP) standards certification in various Pharmaceutical dosage forms.  

Afifarma brings people together with innovation and integrity to improve health and balance lives in valuing the quality of life. We are dedicated to building healthier communities through preventive as well as curative actions.

In 2014, PT AFIFARMA has produced 98 pharmaceutical product and is projected to improve and expand production lines in order to support  the Indonesian National Social Security System.

According to the long term business development program in PT AFIFARMA, the company will continue to improve global expansion towards AEC (ASEAN Economic Society) and AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area) 2015.

PT AFIFARMA has a production capacity of 18 billion tablets per annum, 200 million bottles of liquid dosage form per annum , 1billiion capsules per annum as well as 50 million tubes of semi solid dosage forms per annum.

Company Milestones

PT AFIFARMA was established in 1973 based on our vision to humanity and advancement of recognition of human’s life quality.

PT AFIFARMA is long developing milestones are as follows:

  • 1973
    Acquired a company named  Asia Pharco Industries.
  • 1975
    Name changed to AFIFARMA Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • 1985
    Built the first Manufacturing Plant in Mauni 39 Kediri with Liquid Production Facilities.
  • 1987
    Qualified for Production License from the Minister of Health Republic Indonesia for Tablets/Boli/Granules/Pastiles Facilities and started collaboration for providing government Health projects.
  • 1988
    Acquired License for Herbal Medicine Industry from The Minister of Health Republic Indonesia in capsule and tablet forms in enhancing the rich natural resources of Indonesia.
  • 1991
    Admits License of Industry of Traditional Medicine from The Minister of Health Republic Indonesia.
  • 1995
    Built the Second Manufacturing Plant (UNIT 2) qualified for cGMP in Mauni Industri 8 Kediri, East Java for Liquid, Solid and Powder form Production Facilities.
  • 1998
    Acquired Licenses of Production for Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetics Industry, Household health supplies Industry  by The Minister of Health Republic Indonesia and obtained a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Mauni Industri 8, Kediri, East Java.
  • 2003
    Obtained approval of the joint use of production facilities.
  • 2012
    Adjoin Renewal of Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice.
  • 2013
    Started supporting the current Government HEALTHCARE Insurance System (JKN) through online Procurement done by National Public Procurement Agecy (LKPP).
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Our Vision

To improve health for people globally through innovative medicines, consumer products and herbal medicines. We strive to be the best healthcare company focusing on providing solutions and innovations for the future.

Our Mission

To become Indonesia's most valued company to our stakeholders: patients, customers, colleagues, investors, business partners and the communities in improving quality of life at present and in the future.

PT. AFIFARMA was acclaimed to have cGMP CERTIFICATION of various Pharmaceutical dosage forms, such as:

“Solid Dosage Form Production Facilities”
“Liquid Dosage Form Production Facilites”
“Semi Solid Dosage Form Production Facilities”
“Herbal Medicine Production Facilities”
”Personal Care Production Facilities”

Our Values

Advance innovation is the key value for sustainable improvement of AFIFARMA

AFIFARMA’s team focus on the people , product and services in developing the best environment in striving to perfection quality.

Believe in one’s unity of perseverance and determination to build trust for consumers’ as well as stakeholders’ towards quality products and process enhancement.